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About Us

Hey there, fellow Puppy Lover!

I'm Megan, based just north of Denver in Westminster, Colorado, where the mountains are our cherished backdrop.

From a young age, my heart has been dedicated to animals. I've fostered a variety of furry friends, collaborated with rescue organizations, and gained hands-on experience in animal care through work with a local veterinary clinic.

Nanna, my beloved Bernese Mountain Dog, inspired me to start Honey B Puppy, a boutique breeding program. In our home, dogs are family. They enjoy couch cuddles, outdoor adventures, and are integral to our daily life.

Our puppies are born and raised with love, surrounded by family and friends. Each one receives the utmost care and attention as they begin their journey.

Thank you for sharing in my passion for pups!




The Team

Who We Are



Founder & CEO

Fellow dog lover. Here to answer any questions you may have and take the best care of your puppy!



Leading Lady

A Bernese Mountain Dog who lives to make you smile. Nanna is our lead momma and mentor

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Ella is Nanna and Max's baby! She is the gentlest creature you've ever met. She passes on her tender temperament to her puppies.


Holding the Torch

Sweet Tilly girl is the newest addition to our program. She came from Illinois. Tilly is the sweetest goofiest dog around. Her spirit brights up any room. You can't help but smile when he stump tail isa going.

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Maples is our newest addition. She is Nanna's puppy and shares all of her characteristics. Maple will be joining us when she comes of age. She is going to make such a great momma one day.

Nessie & Mo

Socializing Experts 

Nessie and Mo are my pets. Nessie help puppies learn boundaries with small dogs who don't like rough play. Mo is a kitten who thinks he is a puppy. He helps secure relationships with all creatures fluffy and small

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Dogita is the Costa Rican Street Dog that we couldn't leave behind. Her passive, kind personality fits in perfect with our zoo. Her job is to teach the puppies how to play!

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Pack of Nieces


One of the most important jobs come down to these lovely ladies. It is their soul purpose to expose puppies to all walks of life.

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