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Adoption Process


Our adoption process is hands on and personal. We highly encourage families to start by filling out our waitlist application.


We understand that no two families' preferences are the same. We would much rather gather this specific information in order to fit you with the right puppy rather than pressure you into adopting from us.


Should you decide to place a deposit on our upcoming litters, the adoption process begins. We are very attentive to updates when it comes to heat cycles, successful breeding, due dates, and everything in between.


Frequent communication is best seen on your Facebook but we also connect with families via Instagram, email, text, and newsletters.


Once the puppies are born, we go through the waitlist and inform you which pick placement you are. Then the fun begins of the countless pictures and videos we share on our social media. Families watch the puppies grow and develop every step of the way leading up to pick up day.


We will send out paperwork and helpful puppy guides via email leading up to homecoming day. This way pick up day can be reserved for the fun stuff!



This is the day that choices are made in order of deposit received. Decisions will be made at week 6 or 7 weeks of age following temperament testing.



This is around the 8 week mark where you are allowed to finally bring your new buddy home with you! 


Our adoption process ends here, but our relationship with our families is just beginning! We are thankful for the friendships we make through this process and love to watch the incredible relationships formed with families and their new companions.

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